Pack Skis Adult Silver

Pay 30% now and the rest on the day of removal of your equipment.
Vous bénéficiez d’une réduction web de 35% sur la totalité.

Performing Skis with excellent curving capacities and stability for all slope types, at any speed. The pack includes excellent Ski Boots


Casque (3€/jour)

Assurance (2,90€/jour)

(Franchise : BRONZE 190 € / SILVER 320 € / TOP GUN 480 €)


Our rental formula allows you to book your equipment in a few minutes depending on your level and your desires WITHOUT tedious questionnaire to complete.
By booking your PACK online, you pay only 30% with order and enjoy our web fares on all of your rented equipment.
Upon arrival, simply go to the Ski Shop for a test of shoes and skis. You will go on the slopes with an equipment perfectly adjusted and adapted.